Notes on Reservations

Due to the recent economic situation, there have been cases in which it has become difficult to provide the same food as at the time of confirmed reservation due to a sharp rise in the cost of procured ingredients.
In order to avoid problems, we request to restaurants to contact customers prior to their visit if there are any changes to the confirmed reservation, and ask for confirmation and consent for any price changes or changes to the menu.
Please provide us with a contact number where we can reach you easily when you make your reservation so that we can contact you prior to your visit.

If you agree to the price increase and visit the restaurant, please be advised that you will be charged for the difference via online payment after you leave the restaurant. In the event that a price or offer has been changed without your prior consent, please contact the restaurant directly first to confirm the change.
In that case, if communication between the two parties ends in failure, we will confirm the facts with both parties. Please see your reservation confirmation e-mail and contact us with the following information in the contact page.
- Full name
- E-mail address
- Name of reserved restaurant
- Visit date and time
- Whether communication was made between you and restaurants in advance or not


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