How do I cancel my reservation?

If you need to cancel the reservation, please cancel from 'Your reservations'. Please note that Pocket Concierge does not accept cancel requests by phone or emails.

  • How to cancel (by 18:00, 1 day before your visit)

Please submit your cancellation request from "Your reservations" >"Reservation Details"> "Cancel".

You can check your "Your reservations" from here.

  • How to cancel (after 18:00, 1 day before your visit)

Please contact the restaurant by phone directly.

The phone number of the restaurant can be confirmed in the confirmation email and also the reminding email sent 1 day before your booking.

Please note that for whatever reason of cancel, the cancellation fee applies according to the cancellation policy.


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    Dear Shun No Aji ICHI and Pocket Concierge.

    I am very sorry but I must cancel my reservation for Friday, 5/13 at 8:30 pm for 4 people at Shun No Aji ICHI.  
    I received and email confirming the reservation-- but the reservation is not listed in
    my account with Pocket Concierge.  I am not clear how I should CANCEL this reservation.
    Please confirm the cancellation. Thank you
    Lynn Passy


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