Why am I not receiving any confirmation e-mails?

[in the case of PC]
① The registered email address is wrong
Please log in again after correcting your email address.

② The confirmation email is treated as spam email.
When the security software and mail service has the prevention function, the confirmation email can be defined as spam email.
After checking the setting of email filter and security software, please set the following email address receivable.
If the domain name is only being set up, please input the information after the "@" mark .

③ Your email account is beyond the limit capacity
Please confirm your email environment and choose to expend the capacity or delate the unnecessary data.

④ The reception of the email has been delayed due to the communication state.
Please kindly wait until email arrives or ask the service provider.

[In the case of mobile phone]
Even though you are not setting the prevention function for spam emails, the prevention to some specific emails can also occur.

After checking your email setting, please set the email address above and domain name [@pocket-concierge.jp] receivable.

※ The setting method is different by different mobile phone companies and different types of mobile phone. Please kindly check the instruction book of your mobile phone or ask the mobile phone companies.


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