How to use coupon and how it works?

You will receive the coupon from our campaign or from the campaign held by the Pocket Concierge tying up with other companies.

When you make the reservation, you use the coupon you hold as you like.

When you use the coupon, you will be charged the price deducted from the price of the coupon.

Please notice that you can not use coupons more than 1 at one reservation. You can never use the coupon at Pocket Concierge if you act as above.

Besides, you can not unite two reservations into one when both of whom using coupon.

When you cancel the reservation, if the coupon you use is not out of date, the coupon will be returned to your account.

When the reservation doesn’t succeed and at the same time the coupon is out of date, we will not return you the coupon.


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