How do I complete my payment and what do I do when I am leaving the restaurant? ~Pocket Experience~

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We at Pocket Concierge are devoted to providing a service that realizes your dream restaurant experience; where guests can relax and truly enjoy sharing their time over phenomenal foods.
Regarding our services, please read the below for an understanding of our online payment system:

1. We ask for your credit card information at reservation in order to pre-verify your account; the actual charging of costs will only occur after your reservation has been confirmed. In the case that a reservation fails to register, please rest assured that there will be no charge accrued.

2. Pre-verified cards allow for a smooth payment flow through our system; guests can forego paying the check day-of, avoiding the awkward wait-times associated.

3. Our online payment allows for reception of e-mailed receipts, a boon for those seeking to keep the tab a secret.
*Some restaurants may be unable to support this option.

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